Glass Conservatory Sunroom

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota


Originally conceived as a place to collect and maintain exotic plants, this glass conservatory has blossomed into an elegant social setting, ideal for an intimate supper or sunny Sunday brunch.



Conservatory Sunroom Interior

A t Tanglewood, we believe landscape, conservatory, and home should listen to one another. This particular conservatory design was selected by our clients from among several that were presented during Tanglewood’s well-structured Design Development process.

The Design Development process involves working together to clearly define important aspects of the project then allowing our designers to use their architectural creativity and sense of proportion to "put the pieces together".

The resulting designs often incorporate interesting or special details from adjacent architecture. If done well, the result will be a playful and easy unity of the old with the new.

The design of this glass conservatory sunroom involves the use of a curved main facade and curved window heads - all conceived to gently echo the shapes from the home's unique front entry. Even the inset pattern in the pilasters makes use of this subtle shape.


This interior reveals all the glass sunroom has to offer. Hibiscus bloom in the foreground as ferns hang suspended overhead. From the table dressed for an elegant meal to the exqui- site marble mosaic floor, every detail contributes to the ambiance.

Sometimes, our conservatory design and work will involve the exact replication of existing parts or pieces from the home. That way, the conservatory will mesh perfectly with its surroundings.

For this glass conservatory, the window mullions were specially fabricated as exact replicas of those on the original 1920's sash.

Patterns were made of the original

profiled parts, then transferred to drawings and finally to the special knives that were used to cut the new parts in our workshop.

Conservatory Design Detail

The unusual design of the pilasters was taken from a trim feature alongside a two-story window on the original building. Modified in proportion to the conservatory they frame, these architectural elements are used in the same way on the interior of the room as they are on the exterior reinforcing the sense of connection between the inside and the outside spaces.

The table base was made from steel supports salvaged from an old greenhouse that formerly stood at the same location!

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