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Georgian Conservatory

2. Manhattan, New York

As devotees and designers, our love of conservatories begins with a commitment to tradition and keen attention to detail. Our company founders are artists and architects, and our production teams are master craftspeople carrying on a 300-year-old tradition of artisan woodworking.




T his Georgian conservatory was designed to accommodate a retail shop in Manhattan specializing in stone garden ornaments, fountains, basins and pools. The owner wanted a glass conservatory structure for his office and a small showroom to display objects d'art. He approached Tanglewood with rudimentary drawings in hand and his vision of a beautiful glass and wood structure.

After several visits together and much discussion about details such as the dentil moulding, true "raised-panel" basewalls and accurately proportioned window muntions, the design was finalized. It was to be a wood framed conservatory structure with side hung, casement-style windows and a projecting central bay with a pediment above the French doors.


Much of the charm of Georgian conservatories stems from their classic lines and prime materials- wood and glass- but their amazing versatility is a result of innovative design and ambitious use of technology.

A full glass roof was used to maximize the opportunity for daylight at street level and indeed, no artificial lighting is required inside the wood and glass conservatory- even on overcast days.

Meanwhile, the roof system was clad with pre-finished aluminum extrusions to protect the woodwork from the effects of the city and provide for a completely maintenance-free finish.

This traditional design of the Georgian conservatory uses no gutters. Rainwater is allowed to fall freely from the roof and be absorbed by a bed of gravel at the perimeter of the structure.


With its stately fluted pilasters and Palladian gable pediment, the traditional design was exactly what the owner had hoped for. The intricately detailed, white-painted structure is set amidst a grassy oasis and framed by the brick buildings beyond. Alongside is a large granite pond with a sculpted bronze fountain.

The corner location in mid-town is dwarfed by the surrounding buildings yet the conservatory holds it own against the surrounding city.


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